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Reports 2018/17/16

Early Years Sector Profile Report 2016/2017 – November ’17

Minister Katherine Zappone has launched the Early Years Sector Profile Report 2016/2017. Link to Full Report here, which is developed and published by Pobal for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs annually. Pobal took the opportunity to thank services for taking the time to complete and submit the survey. The report provides a rich source of data on the early years sector in Ireland in presenting an overview of the early years sector for the academic year 2016 / 2017. It is based on survey responses from 3,707 services across Ireland (84% of all childcare facilities) in May 2017 and information from the childcare ICT system (PIP). This report provides insight into childcare numbers, fees, staff qualifications and wages nationally. County level information is available here


Early Years Sector Profile 2015 – 2016

Early Years Sector Profile report recently published, provides a comprehensive national
analysis of the 4,300 services providing early childhood care and education in
Ireland. To supplement the report, Pobal have developed a range of interactive
dashboards. These dashboards reflect a range of topics covered in the report
and allow readers access data and information at county level.


Children and the Outdoors

The principal objective of this research project is to review existing research and relevant literature around contact with the outdoors and natural heritage for children aged 5 to 12, from the perspective of children’s rights to education, health and wellbeing. This includes analysing current trends and identifying gaps in the research on this subject, particularly in the Irish context.

Children and the Outdoors

Early Years Practitioner Survey Findings 2016

The aim of the surveys was to seek the views of practitioners, employers and other interested parties on the extent to which current early childhood care and education qualifications provide early years practitioners with the appropriate blend of knowledge and skills to support the educational development of children in early years settings.


The Influence of Childcare Arrangements on Child Well Being from Infancy to Middle Childhood. 

A Report for TUSLA: The Child and Family Support Agency Delma Byrne and Catriona O’Toole.

The influence of Childcare Arrangemnts on Child Well Being from Infancy to Middle Childhood

three quarters of all regulatory requirements inspected as compliant with the Pre-School Regulations (2006).   http://www.tusla.ie/services/preschool-services

Better Outcomes Brighter Futures The national policy framework for children and young People 2014-2020

“Our vision is for Ireland to be one of the best small countries in the world in which to grow up and raise a family, and where the rights of all children and young people are respected, protected and fulfilled; where their voices are heard and where they are


Start Strong, ‘Childcare’: Business or Profession?

Childcare Business or Profession report

Growing Up in Ireland

Dynamics of Child Economic Vulnerability and Social-Emotional Development

10 years of learning

Over the last 10 years, The Atlantic Philanthropies – with co-funding from Government Departments (both north and south of the border) – has invested heavily in a series of major projects for prevention and early intervention. The projects have been subject to rigorous evaluation, and we are now at a point when we can look back through the many evaluation reports and identify lessons learned.

10 Years of Learning Report