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Publications for Parents

 Leaflets for Parent on Toilet Training

AZ of Toilet Training

Bedwetting in Children

Tips for Toilet Training

Toilet Skills Check List

Toilet Training Guide Down Syndrome

Speech & Language

Barnardos Publications

  • Quality Early Years Care and Education – What to look for in an Early Years Service

This booklet is written as a guide for parents and carers of young children to provide information that  can  support  you in making decisions  about the best care and education setting for your child outside the home.


  • Your Young Child’s Behaviour –

  • This booklet is for parents of young children up to the age of six. It aims to give you a better understanding of your child’s behaviour and what it is that your child is trying to communicate through their behaviour. Your Young Child Behaviour – English Version               Your Young Child Behaviour Irish Version
  • Outdoor Play Matters – The Benefits of Outdoor Play for Young Children.

  • This booklet is for parents of young children up to the age of six, although most of the information applies to children of all ages. It highlights the benefits of outdoor play and shows how playing outside supports your child’s development. Barnardos_Oudoor Play Matters

Cyber Bullying

Triple P Programme

Triple P is an evidence-based positive parenting programme which was founded by Professor Matt Sanders and is now delivered to 25 countries. Triple P supports parents to build positive relationships with their children and to support their children develop the skills, values and behaviours to do well in life and manage life’s ups and downs


 Leaflets for Care of Young Children

  • Breastfeeding- A comprehensive website on breastfeeding which also includes access to a breastfeeding expert to help. . Lots of users have had their questions answered so you can have a look at those or else send your question to our expert. https://www.breastfeeding.ie/
  • Caring for your Baby and Caring for your Child website and booklets aim to help you to care for yourself and your child during your child’s first five year   http://www.hse.ie/caringforyourbaby/
  • These publications contain valuable information to assist you in caring for yourself and your baby or your young child. They are usually given to new parents by the Public Health Nurse on the first visit after your baby is born. The booklets cover the three main phases of Baby’s early years Birth to 6 months, 6 months to 2 years and 2-5 years. Child Development for Parents