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Childcare Providers

List of the childcare Providers

Please contact Waterford Childcare Committee if you would like a list of the childcare services offering any of the childcare support schemes. info@cccw.ie

Childcare Services are registered by Tusla Child & Family Agency under the Childcare Act Preschool Services Regulations. Services may be registered by Tusla under the following types:-

1. Sessional Services – Services offer a planned programme, 3.5 hours or less per session. Sessional services may include pre-schools, playgroups, crèches, montessori pre- schools, naíonraí, registered childminders or similar services which generally cater for children in 0-6 age range.

2. Part-time Services – Services which offer a planned programme between 3.5 and 5 hours and may include a sessional pre-school service for pre-school children. Part-time services must provide the same physical environment including rest, play and sanitary facilities as for full day services.

3. Full Day Care Services – Day care services for pre-school children for more than 5 hours. Full day services covered by this definition are those offering a structured full day service for children which may include a part-time service and a sessional service and must provide a physical environment which includes rest, play and sanitary facilities.

4. Childminders  – People who mind children for all or part of a day in the childminder’s home. Childminders who care for up to 5 children are legally required to register their service to Health Service  Executive  and  they  receive  an  inspection   from   the   Pre-school  Services  Officer.

5. School Age Childcare ServicesSchool Age childcare services provide care on a sessional or part-time basis for school aged children outside the normal school hours. Some of the services described in 1,2 and 3 above also provide services for school age children.

Information on Accessing Quality Childcare

Parents should expect that their child should be safe, well-cared for and happy in a childcare service.


Map and List of childcare Services in the County – Tusla Website.

All Childcare Services which are registered by Tusla may be seen by clicking on the following link:


List of Childcare Services in the County under the Pobal Programme.

All Childcare Services in contract to deliver the Government Schemes (ECCE, CETS, CCS) have been mapped by Pobal, click on the following link to see what schemes childcare services deliver: