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Guidelines on planning a childminding business in your own home

Guidelines on Planning a Childminding Business in your home

This document contains information on a variety of important aspects of running a childminding services including:

  • What Knowledge, Experience and Qualifications do you need?
  • Legal Requirements
  • How many children can you mind?
  • Deciding a price
  • Income and Expenditure
  • Marketing your Childminding service
  • Childcare Services Relief
  • Registering as a self-employed Childminder
  • PRSI & Pensions for the Self-Employed
  • Registering for tax if you do not qualify for the Childcare Services Relief
  • Steps to become a Professional Childminder


Policies & procedures for childminding

Each childminding service should have relevant policies, procedures to ensure the professional operation of a high-quality childcare service from their home. Policies, procedures and statements standardise the Childminder’s approach to implementing best practice, support communication with parents and ensure compliance with the regulations, if applicable. The Childminder develops their own policies and procedures which clearly sets out their work practices and assists them to run their childminding business. Policies and procedures should be signed and dated and can be shared with parents accessing their childminding service. Records should be stored safely.   Assistance with sample polices & procedures is available by contacting us and we have a range of sample policies including policies on:

  • Health promotion
  • Illness
  • Safety
  • Fire safety
  • Child protection & welfare
  • Behaviour management
  • Partnership with parents
  • Equal opportunities
  • Play policies etc.

We also have sample record forms that can be adapted for use in your childminding service.