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‘Having Fun with Irish Rhymes’

Having Fun with Irish Rhymes: Workshop exploring the Irish rhymes in Bróga Nua: Enjoying Irish with Young Children

 This workshop will assist early learning and care practitioners to introduce the Irish language with the use of simple action rhymes and songs. Workshop participants will be encouraged to join in simple games, action rhymes, and sing songs in Irish, e.g. Ring-a-Ring-a-Rósaí, Aon Dó, Muc is Bó etc. The workshop will integrate some elements of the HighScope Education Through Movement Programme and discuss the background to the research on early childhood bilingualism. It will provide simple tips and practical samples.

Frequent recitation and singing of rhymes and songs, in any language, has been proven to enhance children’s linguistic, cognitive, personal, social, and emotional development and consequently provide a strong start in life.

There is  no need to be an Irish Speaker to participate in this workshop…  To book your place please email info@cccw.ie

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